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Roger “Derby” Schafer was born in New Mexico and has lived in Las Vegas Nevada most of his adult life. In the past, he played and coached numerous sports.

As a Coach in Roller Hockey, his Team Won Nationals once and often had top teams competing on National Level for many years. He is the oldest of three children in his family; who are all residents of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Roger Schafer Book

Roger Schafer Book

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The Perfect Season

Embrace the inner sports enthusiast in you and read this book to know the story of a former baseball player who is sent on a journey by an owner of a baseball club to gather a team of impossible to defeat baseball players.

The coach finds two talented hidden gems and provides them with the perfect platform to help them grow and shine all over the world with the help of their talent and skill. They further continue on to dominate the sport and also put in their efforts to make the world a better place to live in. They give out the message that nothing in this world is impossible.


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Roger Schafer

Watch this short video now to see how the story of the book “The Perfect Season” unfolds and the main character, the coach sets off on his journey to pick the best of the best athletes for his baseball team. Be a part of his thrilling journey and learn how one can change their destiny through their power of will!


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