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Roger Schafer

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Roger “Derby” Schafer was born in New Mexico and has lived in Las Vegas Nevada most of his adult life. In the past, he played and coached numerous sports.

As a Coach in Roller Hockey, his Team Won Nationals once and often had top teams competing on National Level for many years. He is the oldest of three children in his family; who are all residents of Las Vegas, Nevada. He has always shared a great passion for Baseball and had a dream of pursuing his career as a successful coach. Today, he has achieved his dream of becoming a renowned coach in his particular field and wishes to share the journey of his life along with his experiences through writing books.

One of his recent books called “The Perfect Season” depicts one of his greatest stories with a touch of little fiction to add extra thrill and suspense to the story of the book. He wants to convey the message that Baseball is not just an average sport, but a special one which has a great deep relation with every fan.Along with being a successful coach and a renowned author of his famous book, he now wishes to continue writing books and share the stories of his legendary days.