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Roger “Derby” Schafer currently lives in Las Vegas Nevada. In the past, he played and coached many sports. As a Coach in Roller Hockey, his Team Won Nationals once and often had top teams competing on National Level for many years. He is the oldest of three children in his family; whom are all residents of Las Vegas, Nevada. He has always shared a great passion for Baseball and has a dream of pursuing his career as a successful coach. Today, he has achieves his dream of becoming a renowned coach in his particular field and wishes to share the journey of his life along with his experiences through writing books. Derby’s first book is called “The Perfect Season” it is a fictional story of the discovery of the Identical Twin Brothers Eko and Indra. That by an accident or was it fate are discovered by a Baseball scout for a New Expansion Team in Baseball. How the Twin Brothers Changed Baseball for the better and made the Entire World a Better Place.

Book 2 is called “Eko and Indra: The Summer Olympians” which picks up a few weeks after the end of “The Perfect Season” is about the Greatest Challenges Eko and Indra have ever faced and the changes in their personal life’s as well.

Book 3 is called “Pangaea: Where Magic was Born,” Volume 1 is about the time of Pangaea, better known as the era of the dinosaurs. Learn how Magic was born and first discovered. Learn the truth of what Happened to all the Dinosaurs. Learn of how Dragons, Gargoyles, Fairies, Unicorns, Pixie’s and Yeti where all created: by Magic that has been trapped in Pandora’s Box.

Book 4: Pangaea how magic was born volume 2 Pandora’s box.